It’s not over yet…

Doing the accounts

In general, there are two situations that you are liable to find yourself in after the con. Too much money or too little money. There aren’t many treasurers who can hit break-even dead-on, and mostly you’ll aim to break even around the first day of the con and end up with a small profit to cover emergencies.

An embarrassment of riches

Sou’ Wester in ?? had put up their on-the-door rate in an attempt to persuade people to register early and dissuade walk-ins (since they were using the Adelphi, a hotel with security problems). Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful and got about 100 walk-ins at £60 each. Since they had already broken even, this left them with vastly more money than they knew what to do with

Total disaster

Dealing with the site

Tidying up

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