1987 - Beccon

Guests: Keith Roberts

Hotel: Birmingham Metropole

1988 - Follycon


Hotel: Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

Follycon was notable for a number of things. It was the first Eastercon in the Adelphi, which had previously only hosted Trek cons.

1989 - Contrivance

Guests: Anne McCaffrey, M. John Harrison, Don Lawrence

Hotel: Hotel de France, Jersey

1990 - Eastcon


Hotel: Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

1991 - Speculation


Hotel: Holiday Inn, Glasgow

1992 - Sou’ Wester


Hotel: Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

1993 - Helicon

Guests: George R.R.Martin, John Brunner, Karel Thole

Hotel: Hotel de France, Jersey

Not as good as Contrivance, the previous Jersey Eastercon. Suffered from a few problems related to the '95 Worldcon bid, especially trying to shift committee members into areas in which they had no experience.

1994 - Illumination


Hotel: Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool

1995 - Confabulation

Guests: Lois McMaster Bujold, Bob Shaw, Roger Robinson

Hotel: Britannia International, Docklands

I was on the committee of this one, so I'll be brief and say that it was a generally enjoyable, small Eastercon. We couldn't have done this except in a Worldcon year.

1996 - Evolution

Guests: Vernor Vinge, Bryan Talbot

Hotel: Radisson Edwardian, Heathrow

1997 - Intervention

Guests: Octavia Butler, Jack Cohen, Dave Langford

Hotel: Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

1998 - Intuition

Guests: Connie Willis, Ian McDonald, Martin Tudor

Hotel: Jarvis Piccadilly & Britannia Hotel (split site), Manchester

As expected, the split site caused a number of organisational problems. On the whole, though, a good convention.

1999 - Reconvene

Guests: Peter Beagle, Jeff Noon, John Clute (also Tom Holt, Ron Tiner and Vijay Bowen)

Hotel: Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

Can't say much about this because I was chairman. However, from the committee point of view it went very well.

2000 - 2kon

Guests: Katherine Kurtz, Guy Gavriel Kay, Deborah Turner Harris (also John Salthouse)

Hotel: Central Hotel, Glasgow

Undoubtedly the worst Eastercon for many years. Almost completely lacking in programme, a masquerade ruined by committee technophilia and generally dire. A object lesson in what happens when a committee is so egotistical that it almost fails to put on a convention at all.

2001 - Paragon



An excellent convention at a rather out of the way site. A great relief after the awful disaster that was 2Kon.

2002 - Helicon 2