Steve Davies

Steve Davies


I'm an IT consultant with a specialisation in enterprise technical architecture. I worked as a senior consultant for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, mostly in the financial and insurance sectors, but also in utilities, manufacturing and retail. I've created technical architectures for a number of start-ups and this is something I have an especial interest in. I was also Technical Design Architect for Amey Business Solutions, a business process outsourcing company, where I designed a customer-centric systems integration architecture for use in local government. This included defining and implementing a systems strategy based on virtualised systems and VMWare in particular. Currently, I'm a consultant with Cornwell Management Consultants , working with a variety of central and local government clients.


There seems to be a certain amount of debate over the style in which CVs (or resumes for our American colleagues) should be produced. My standard CV covers the skills I've developed as a technical architect, along with details of some recent engagements I've worked on.

I also have a CV in a longer, wordy job history format which tells you exactly what I've done, where I've come from and what tools I know about. It is really too long to use as a CV these days, but if you want a copy, just send me email.

Click here for my CV or here to download in Word format

Personal History

I'm sure this is not of interest to very many people, but if you want some idea of whether you've met me then you may find this useful. I should like to point out (since I've received email asking me this) that I am not Steve Davis the snooker player.

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